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Welcome to HomeDownsizingConsultants.com

Many Americans are anticipating a move or home downsizing over the next several years. But what do you do with all of your Personal Property Assets* that are no longer needed? Where do you start? How do you proceed? What do you keep…and what do you sell? What are your Personal Property Assets really worth? How do you pack them? Where do you sell them? And what is the best and fairest price in today's market?

Welcome the HomeDownsizingConsultants.com. We are Personal Property experts and are here to help you through this potentially difficult time. Some people prefer to do it themselves. Others want help. Either way, we can offer you six distinct services.

  1. CONSULTING SERVICES: We can personally meet with you in a one-on-one consultation, and guide you through the Home Downsizing maze.

  2. VALUATION & APPRAISAL SERVICES: We can review your Personal Property Assets and tell you what they may be worth in today's market. Whether you prefer an In-Home Personal Property Valuation or a USPSP Compliant Appraisal, we can help you to determine the value of your personal property, and help you locate any hidden treasures that you may have.

  3. HOME DOWNSIZING REFERENCE BOOK: You can order our NEW 160 page eBook …Home Downsizing in 4 Easy Steps…and learn how to do it yourself.

  4. HOME DOWNSIZING WORKSHOPS: You can schedule a speaking date for us to come to your Group or Organization where we can do a 1-hour Home Downsizing seminar or 1/2 day Home Downsizing workshop for your entire group.

  5. WE CAN DO IT ALL FOR YOU: For those unable to do it all themselves, or if distance or life situations present a problem, we can handle your entire downsizing or move for you…from packing the boxes to final asset disposition.

  6. AVID HOME DOWNSIZING SYSTEM: And perhaps most importantly, we can introduce you to our 4-Step AVID Home Downsizing System™ which will lead you, step-by-step, through the entire Home Downsizing process.

    Our #1 Service:
    $195 In-Home Personal Property Valuations

    • We will come to your home and perform a 2-hour In-Home Personal Property Evaluation.
    • We will provide a verbal valuation of your Household Items, Antiques, Collectibles, and even the Junk. Before you hold a Garage Sale. Or before you make the mistake of selling too cheaply.
    • We will seek out hidden treasures worth far more than you may have thought.
    • And we can recommend where your items may sell best.

    All for $195. Call (215)-345-6094 for details.

    Auction Broker Services:

    The Key to Getting the Most Amount of Money
    When Selling at Auction
    is to Locate the Best Auctioneer
    For What You Have to Sell

    Auction Brokers Represent You, Not the Auctioneer

    Auctioneers are not all the same. And if you select the wrong Auctioneer to handle your consignment, your decision could cost you dearly. That's where Michael Ivankovich "Auction Broker" services come in. The key to getting the most amount of money when selling at Auction is to locate the best Auctioneer for what you have to sell. And as Auction Brokers we are often the best resource to help you accomplish just that.

    Most people have little knowledge of the Auction business, or the specialties and reputations of various Auctioneers, or what they should do with their consignment? That's where our "Auction Broker" services come in. More.

    Need Help Selling Gold or Silver?

    As an Auctioneer, Appraiser, and Home Downsizing Consultant based in Doylestown PA. Michael helps clients to move and downsize their homes. But more importantly, he helps clients understand the value of their antiques, collectibles, and residential contents, as well as how … and where … to best sell them for the most money possible in today’s market.

    Because selling gold and silver can be so confusing, he also helps clients to confidentially convert their gold and silver into the most money possible by locating the dealer who is paying the highest percent of spot price. If you need help selling your gold or silver, contact us at (215)-345-6094. (We do not buy. We only assist clients in selling their precious metals).

    For more information on selling your precious metals, we invite you to read Mike’s recent article titled “Mike’s Guide to Selling Sterling Silver: How the Scrap Silver Game is Really Played Today

With more than 35 years experience in the
Personal Property, Antiques, and Collectibles fields,
we have developed our unique

4-Step AVID Home Downsizing System™

And we want to share it with you.
To learn more about our approach, click on any AVID links below.
STEP #1:
Analyze the Situation
STEP #2:
Valuation and Appraisal
STEP #3:
Investigate the Options
STEP #4:
Disposition Approach

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: Personal Property Assets are those tangible, moveable assets that have value including such items as Antiques, Autos, Boats, Collectibles, Collections, Household Items, Personals Items, Yard Equipment, etc. Personal Property Assets do not include Land or Real Estate.

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