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Over the years we have developed a unique approach
to moving and downsizing which we call our

4-Step AVID Home Downsizing System™

STEP #1:
Analyze the Situation

You can't successfully downsize unless you understand the Home Downsizing Process. In this Step #1 we'll learn about you and your personal situation.

*We'll discuss the Home Downsizing Process in detail.
*We'll review your individual Home Downsizing Goals & Objectives.
*We'll analyze your Personal Property Assets and what you want to do with them.
*We'll discuss 10 potential sorting categories.
*We'll help you understand how you can benefit from the AVID Home Downsizing System.

STEP #2:
Valuation and Appraisal

Before you dispose of anything, you need to know what it's worth. Do you have any treasures in your attic, basement, or hidden in your closet? In this Step #2 we'll talk about:

*What's worth keeping…and what's not worth keeping.
*We'll provide ballpark value estimates on your key items by doing a 60-minute personal property walk-through valuation.
*We'll get you moving in the right direction.
*USPAP Compliant Appraisals are available upon request.
*We will also advise you if we find any hidden treasures.

STEP #3:
Investigate Your Options

You have more selling options than you realize, and you should use them to your advantage. In this Step #3:

*We'll review 10 specific options available to you when you wish to selll or dispose of your Personal Property Assets.
*We'll review both the advantages and disadvantages of any options that appeal to you.
*We'll help you to narrow down which options are the best suited for you.

STEP #4:
Disposition Approach

This is where it all comes together. What's the best way to dispose of your Personal Property Assets? Do you want to do it yourself? Or would you prefer to have someone else handle it for you? In Step #4 we'll help you to wrap things up.

*We can help you set a Plan of Action that will help you to obtain the greatest financial return in the shortest amount of time.
*We'll show you how to execute your Plan of Action.
*We'll help you create a Disposition Schedule.
*We'll make some final recommendations.
*We can show you what to do.
*Or we can arrange to have it done for you.

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