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Home Downsizing Book
Just Released!

Home Downsizing
in 4 Easy Steps

Michael Ivankovich, GPPA, MPPA

172 pages…24 Chapters…$19.95

Chapters Include:

Chapter 1: Home Downsizing: What Are You Trying To Accomplish

Chapter 2: Introducing the 4-Step AVID Home Downsizing System™

AVID Home Downsizing System Step #1:
Analyze Your Individual Situation

Chapter 3: Analyzing Your Personal Property Assets

Chapter 4: Where Do You Start? Home Downsizing Strategies & Tips

AVID Home Downsizing System Step #2:
Value Your Personal Property Assets

Chapter 5: The Mathematics of Selling Personal Property

Chapter 6: Understanding Value: What's It Really Worth?

Chapter 7: How and Where to Research Value

AVID Home Downsizing System Step #3:
Investigate Your Selling & Disposition Options

Chapter 8: Garage Sales: Perhaps the Worst Option of All

Chapter 9: Tag Sales Are Different Than Garage Sales

Chapter 10: Selling at Flea Markets

Chapter 11: Selling in Antique & Consignment Shops

Chapter 12: Selling on the Antiques Show Circuit

Chapter 13: Sell It Yourself on eBay

Chapter 14: Selling It Through eBay Drop Shops

Chapter 15: Sell It Privately…If You Can Find the Right Buyer

Chapter 16: Donate It to the Cause of Your Choice

Chapter 17: The Insider's Guide to Selling at Auction

AVID Home Downsizing System Step #4:
Dispose of All Excess Items

Chapter 18: Setting a Plan of Action

Chapter 19: Cross It Off Your List: Executing Your Plan of Action

Packing and Moving On

Chapter 20: The Art of Packing: Getting It There Safely

Chapter 21: Moving Tips: Dealing with the Moving Man

Chapter 22: Meet the Cleanout Specialist

Chapter 23: Relax. It's Finally Over.

Chapter 24: Home Downsizing Resources


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